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Hillsgrove School Uniform


Complying with the school uniform is one of the minimum behaviours set out in our expectations at the point that parents enrol their children at Hillsgrove. We are very proud of how our pupils present themselves.  Our uniform is very smart and practical and it reflects what we think of ourselves and our academy.  Please could we ask that ALL uniform items are clearly marked with your child's name.


The Uniform consists of:


Navy blue sweatshirt *

Navy blue cardigan *

Grey trousers or skirt

Grey pinafore dress

Light blue and white gingham dresses (during Summer)

White polo shirt * / shirt / blouses

Grey, navy or black tights

Grey, navy, black or white socks

Black school shoes (not black trainers)


PE kit consists of:


White t-shirt *

Navy shorts

Navy tracksuit

White trainers (for outdoor PE)

Black plimsolls (for indoor PE)


Jewellery is not acceptable in school except for small stud earrings (which will need to be removed for PE by your child).  If your child is planning to have their ear(s) pierced, please could this be done at the beginning of the Summer holiday.



Starred items are available to purchase on                           We also have a selection of bags available on SIMS Pay to purchase.  Uniform orders are processed on Fridays and will be given to your child to bring home.


Please note that it is not compulsory to purchase logo items from school, you may purchase plain uniform items from a shop of your choice.


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KS2 Pupils wearing Hillsgrove sweatshirts

KS1 Pupils wearing Hillsgrove polo shirts

Uniform Logo (2) PE Wear

KS1 Pupils wearing Hillsgrove PE T-shirts