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Hillsgrove Policy (Safeguarding, Management, Teaching and Learning, Parents)

APAT Equal Opportunities Policy Anti-bullying policy Appraisal Policy Attendance Policy Behaviour/ Physical Intervention Policy (COVID-19 update) Charging for School Activities Children Missing in Education Policy APAT Complaints Policy Code of Conduct 2019 DBS Policy Dress Code Policy Drugs Policy Equal Opportunities Policy Equality Statement Fair Treatment at Work Policy Feedback Marking Policy Health & Safety Policy Privacy Notice (Parents) Privacy Notice (Pupils) Homework Policy Accessibility Policy and Development Plan Intimate Care Policy Keeping Children Safe In Education LAC Policy Managing Allegations Against Staff
Medicines Policy - being updated
Missing Children Policy Mobile Phone Policy More and Most Able Policy Parent Advise on Radicalisation Pay Policy Prevent Strategy Action Plan Principles of Teaching and Learning Policy PSHE POLICY Racial Equality Policy Safeguarding Flowchart 2019 Safer Recruitment Policy SEN Policy SRE Policy Tackling Extremism and Radicalisation Policy APAT Unacceptable Behaviour Policy Volunteers in Schools Policy APAT Whistleblowing Policy Working Together to Safeguard Children Privacy Notice for Employees E-Safety Policy Behaviour Policy SG and CP Policy

Department for Education (DfE) - Statutory Guidance for Schools

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APAT Grievance Policy Google Classroom Agreement SG SEPT 2020 Update