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Physical Education is so important to us at Hillsgrove that it is regarded as one of the core subjects. We know that a high quality PE curriculum will enable all pupils to both enjoy and succeed in physical activity, paving the way for a healthy and active lifestyle in years to come. It also develops many skills children will need throughout their lives, including leadership, communication, teamwork and decision making. Moreover, it also improves pupils’ confidence and social skills, as well as allowing them to take on more responsibility as they start to make informed choices about lifelong physical activity.


Our PE curriculum is broad and balanced, designed for pupils to develop the competence needed to excel in a broad range of physical activities. Furthermore, our curriculum allows for progression and continuity, ensuring all pupils are sufficiently challenged throughout their time here at Hillsgrove.


In EYFS and KS1, pupils’ lessons are broken down into dance, gymnastics and games. The key focus is on developing the child’s fundamental movement skills, whilst increasing their confidence and competence as they take part in various activities. Children also engage in a competitive environment, as end of unit Level 1 competitions take place between houses on a half-termly basis.


In KS2, lessons are divided between the following areas: dance, gymnastics, games (invasion, striking and fielding, net and wall), athletics, swimming and outdoor adventurous activities. The pupils have the opportunity to build on and develop a vast scope of skills, whilst improving how they communicate, collaborate and compete against one another. Alongside this, pupils are taught how to evaluate their own and others’ performances and how to improve them.  Additionally, pupils in UKS2 are expected to learn team tactics for games, as well as knowledge of the rules in order to officiate and regulate extra-curricular activities and competitions taking place in school.


All of our pupils from KS1 upwards take part in at least two hours of PE per week - one hour inside and one hour outside. All classes also go outside for an additional 20 minutes to take part in a weekly class run, designed to improve the fitness and stamina of the children, whilst building resilience and character. Pupils in Year 3 attend swimming once per week, in addition to their two PE sessions and weekly mile.


At Hillsgrove, we believe in the importance of educating our children about the importance of leading a healthy, active lifestyle. All year groups take part in active discussions about the effects of exercise on the body, as well as completing a yearly HRE unit (Health Related Exercise) where they learn further details about the importance of keeping fit and eating a balanced diet. Our pupils understand that during PE lessons, they will be physically active for sustained periods of time and they will tackle physically-demanding activities in order to improve their skills, fitness and confidence. As resilient learners, our pupils embrace these challenges and continuously strive for excellence.


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