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Word and Sentence Level Work



Parents are reminded that Bexley tests are now opt in and that children will not sit these tests unless parents have opted their children in. See the powerpoint above for more details. Where parents wish to apply for special arrangements due to SEND, you are reminded that parents need to apply for this at the point of application and that this cannot be done by the school. Please do let us know well below the deadline if you require help with this.


Calculations Strategy:

Parents regularly ask how they can help their children with Maths, but the way in which in Maths is taught has changed alot in recent years. The new Hillsgrove Calculations Strategy was sent out to all parents in 2013, however if you have not got a copy you can download this below. The policy explains how we teach: Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction. We have added in a seperate Calculation session in to the timetable for 2013-14 in order to increase childrens skills in Maths.


In order to increase the classroom focus on Word and Sentence Level work we have introduced focused Word and Sentence Level sessions ay the beginning of Literacy Sessions. These are focused on the Key Areas of: Spelling, Grammar, Tense, Punctuation, Sentence Structure and Word Choice. The powerpoint to the left (on the main website) models some of the techniques we are using in the classroom.