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At Hillsgrove, we value open communication between our school and Parents/Carers. The aim of our Parent Forum is  to represent the collective voice of Parents and Carers in discussions with the school’s Governing Body and Leadership Team. It plays an active role in influencing, supporting and enhancing the learning environment at Hillsgrove. The Forum is made up of one Parent/Carer Representative from each class. (See Above)


It is intended that the Forum meet once every half term. Parent questions are submitted in advance by e-mail and form the Agenda for these meetings. The Parent forum will welcome feedback on any topic relating to school policies and practices.  We will be looking for constructive feedback, with suggestions for improvements, new ideas and an endorsement of things that are working well. Please note the Forum is not a channel for individual complaints, concerns or issues – these should be raised in the usual way through your child’s class teacher or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. If you have any questions you would like raised at Parent Forum, please see your classes Parent Representative.

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