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At Hillsgrove, we believe all pupils, whatever their background, have a right to access the best that has been said and thought. This includes a variety of writers, from all parts of the world, and thinkers from all the ages. The curriculum ensures that pupils are knowledgeable enough about the world around them to transform it in the future.

The education provided at Hillsgrove is broadly traditional and academically rigorous.  We expect our pupils to be polite and respectful.  We encourage competition and allow our pupils to win and lose.  We believe that knowledge about the world is central to our pupils’ success.  Only when they have acquired this knowledge will they be ready to lead and participate as full citizens.


Pupils are taught the background and context of what they are learning so that they can understand and make connections easily.  This is supported in History, Geography and Science via Knowledge Organisers which are sent home termly, enabling children to pre-learn the core knowledge and develop their subject specific vocabulary so that they can use and apply this knowledge in the term ahead.


We believe that pupils should know how well they are doing, both in relation to themselves and to others.  Pupils sit half termly tests in Reading and Maths. They also have unit tests in History, Geography and Science, in order to assess knowledge and understanding of the key questions around a topic. Assessment at Hillsgrove is open and meaningful.


Hillsgrove is unique. Pupils work hard and are kind to each other. Guests visit the school and are very impressed by the maturity, kindness and motivation displayed by our pupils. To understand just how different Hillsgrove is, a visit to the school is strongly encouraged.

GEOG GRID Year 2 Geog MTP Year 3 Geog MTP Year 1 Geog MTP Year 4 Geog MTP Year 5 Geog MTP Year 6 Geog MTP HIST GRID SCI GRID Year 1 History MTP Year 2 History MTP Year 3 History MTP Year 4 History MTP Year 5 History MTP Year 6 History MTP Year 1 Sci MTP Year 2 Sci MTP Year 3 Sci MTP Year 4 Sci MTP Year 5 Sci MTP Year 6 Sci MTP Y1 HIST B NIGHT Y1 HIST HEROES Y1 HIST R HISTORY Y2 HIST EXPLORE Y2 HIST FLIGHT Y2 HIST FOOD Y3 HIST AEGYPT Y3 HIST B+I AGE Y3 HIST S AGE Y4 HIST CHOOD Y4 HIST ROMANS Y4 HIST VLOCAL Y5 HIST ASAXONS Y5 HIST MAYANS Y5 HISTVIKINGS Y6 HIST GREEKS Y6 HIST COMMS Y6 HIST WWAR 2 Everyday materials Looking at animals Our changing world animal antics Our changing world plants Our changing world seasons Plant detectives Using our senses Good choices Growing up Materials shaping up Our changing world Take care The apprentice gardener What is in your habitat Amazing bodies Can you see me How does your garden grow Our changing world Rock detectives The power of forces Amazing bodies Our changing world Human impact In a state Good vibrations Switched on Where does all that food go Who am I Get Sorted Circle of life Everyday material All change Marvellous mixtures Our changing world Reproduction in plants and animals Everything changes Body pump Danger low voltage Body health Light up your world Our changing world The nature library RE GRID 1.4 Friends of Jesus and Easter 1.2 Celebrations leading to Christmas 1.3 Judaism - Worship 1.1 Creation 1.5 Moses and Jewish Ceremonies 1.6 Jesus the Storyteller 2.2 2.3 2.5 HINDUISM overview 2.2 Celebrations 2.1 The Parish Church 2.4 Living as a Christian and Easter 2.6 Teachers Notes on Sharing 3.4 Different Churches and Easter 3.2 Giving 3.1 Jesus through Art 3.6 Amazing Adventures 3.6 PAUL&_039;s journeys maps 4.1 Parables 4.2 Christmas Unwrapped 4.4 Signs and Symbols and Easter 4.6 CONCEPT UNIT Prayer and Worship 5.4 Inspirational Christians and Forgiveness in t 5.2 PEACE lead to Christmas Lessons 5.1 The Inspirational Jesus 5.6 The Bible teaching ideas 6.2 Homelessness, Refugees and Christmas 6.2 Big Questions 6.4 Christianity The Trinity and Easter Autumn Y1 Geog Autumn Y2 Geog Autumn Y3 Geog Autumn Y5 Geog Autumn Y6 Geog Spring Y1 Geog Spring Y2 Geog Spring Y3 Geog Spring Y4 Geog Spring Y5 Geog Spring Y6 Geog Summer Y1 Geog Summer Y2 Geog Summer Y3 Geog Summer Y4 Geog Summer Y5 Geog Summer Y6 Geog Autumn Y4 Geog ICT GRID SOOS UKS2 Medium term plan - Year 6 SOOS KS1 Medium term plan - Year 1 SOOS KS1 Medium term plan - Year 2 SOOS LKS2 Medium term plan - Year 3 SOOS LKS2 Medium term plan - Year 4 SOOS UKS2 Medium term plan - Year 5 Y6 Overview of Units Year 1 Overview of Units Year 2 Overview of Units Year 3 Overview of Units Year 4 Overview of Units Year 5 Overview of Units DT GRID ART GRID ART MTP MUSIC GRID MUSIC MTP Y4 Shell structures Y1 Preparing fruit and vegetables Y1 Sliders and levers Y2 Templates and joining Y2 Wheels and axles Y3 2D shape to 3D product Y3 Healthy and varied diet Y1 Freestanding structures Y4 Shell structures[1] Y4 Simple circuits and switches Y5 Celebrating culture and seasonality Y5 Combining fabric shapes Y5 Frame structures Y6 More complex switches Y6 Pulleys or gears PE MFL MTPS Y1 GLOSSARY Y2 GLOSSARY Y3 GLOSSARY Y4 GLOSSARY Y5 GLOSSARY Y6 GLOSSARY MFL MTP EYFS Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6