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Pabulum provides the catering at Hillsgrove Primary School. Our menus are compliant with The School Food Plan and over 94% of our dishes are freshly prepared

from unprocessed ingredients by our professional chefs.


Available every day and made fresh in our kitchen we offer:


•A choice of meat/fish or vegetarian main meal

•Unlimited salad bar with eight delicious choices

•Jacket potato or pasta

•Two choices of unlimited freshly baked wholemeal bread

•Homemade dessert

•Fresh mixed fruit platter

•Homemade yoghurt or mousse


The Pabulum dining experience gives every child time to enjoy our fresh food offer, whilst encouraging children to try delicious new dishes and rewarding them with a

Healthy Bunch sticker or certificate.


Pabulum goes beyond the fresh food dining experience; our initiatives engage and inspire to help develop a deeper appreciation of food through parents evenings,

playground taster sessions, food assemblies and cookery demonstrations.


Your current school menu, along with allergens, can be found on Pabulum’s website at

-school/All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are eligible for Universal Infant Free School Meals. To apply visit


We would love to hear your feedback, please contact [email protected]

Dinner Menu: Autumn Term 2

If you would like to change your child's meal pattern please note we can change it before the start of each term.  Please let the office know in writing or request a form from the office.

Pabulum Menu - Autumn 2019 2020 proposed Menu

Our proposed new menus (see below) feature some positive changes as part of our Pabulum food evolution, which include:


•A daily main meal suitable for plant-based / vegan dining.  Plant-based dining currently has a really loud voice; our new dishes include roasted vegetable and houmous pitta pizza, tofu and rice noodle stir fry, homemade crispy vegetable nuggets, and a mildly spiced 5 bean quesadilla.


Providing a vegan option every day has a positive impact on the environment, reflects current food trends and allows more choice for pupils with dairy or egg allergies.


•We are introducing homemade tomato ketchup, a simple recipe using naturally sweet tomatoes and vegetables to achieve a 40% reduction in sugar content. This will also reduce the use of single use plastics, delivering another positive impact on the environment.


•Our salad bar is completely allergen free featuring simple, wholesome and nutritious salads.


•Our desserts include more fruits, vegetables and less free sugars. We will still be making our delicious unsweetened yoghurt, serving it with freshly made fruit purees and compotes.


Eat well,


The Pabulum Team