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Competition is an extremely important aspect to us as a school as it allows for children to learn and build upon valuable skills that they will need all throughout their lives. The children at Hillsgrove are taught to embrace and enjoy competitive situations from an early age, continuously building their resilience, grit and determination to succeed in anything they wish to apply themselves to.


How does competitive sport benefit pupils?


- First and foremost, competitive sport teaches children how to control their tempers and how to respect others in their immediate environment. Whether a child is winning or losing, they need to know how to behave in these situations and how to be a good team player.


- All pupils can learn vital teamwork skills when playing in team game situations and how they can support and help others in their team. Some will learn key leadership skills and how to encourage the best from their team.


- All pupils will learn that it is important to not compare oneself to others, but to concentrate on their own successes. Pupils will learn to reflect on their own performances and compare these to how they did previously.  


- Upon finding out their personal bests, pupils can set their own individual goals and targets that they would like to achieve. Having a goal in place will teach the children that they will need to put in hard work and effort to achieve what they want.


- Importantly, pupils recognise how it feels to succeed and how it feels to and they can learn to control these emotions. Children are taught that failure is not final and it is instead something very useful that we can always learn from.


- Finally, it prepares the whole child for life, work and the competitive environment that awaits them in the adult world.


How does Hillsgrove embed competition into school life?


Within PE lessons, competitive situations become a regular feature once children have learned and developed the key skills needed for the games they are playing. However, there are many other opportunities for children to experience a competitive situation which are outlined below:


Competing against oneself:

Children are encouraged to continuously try and improve thier personal bests, whether it is increasing the amount the distance they run during Marathon Kids/the Weekly Class Mile or when taking part in their half-termly fitness tests.


Intra-school sport:

Class - Children take part in end-of-unit competitions for all the sports they take part in during PE within their classes.

House – An after-school house competition is set up 6 times a year for children in UKS2. Each house competes against the other three houses, resulting in a tournament style competition.

Sports Day – A whole school competition that sees children compete in their house teams against class mates, as well as individually against the rest of the children in their year group for medals.


Inter-school sport:

APAT Cup – All five schools within our academy trust compete against one another in five tournaments per year. This is currently aimed at children in UKS2 but is hoped that it will develop into a separate tournament for LKS2 also.

Friendly matches – Children who want to compete for Hillsgrove against other schools but who may not necessarily make the competitive teams have the opportunity to play matches against local schools in a variety of sports.


Sport in Bexley (put on by our School Games Organiser 'SGO')

Festivals – These are inter-school events which include a carousel of skill-based activities which challenge young people to achieve their personal best. There are sometimes opportunities for mini matches to take place once children have gained some confidence through learning skills.

Development competitions – An inter-school competition where there is no pathway to a London final. The purpose of these events is to support the engagement of different young people e.g. B/C teams, new sports, those not previously engaged in competition.  

Pathway competitions – An inter-school competition where the winners go on to represent Bexley at the London School Games Spring or Summer Finals to compete against children from other boroughs of a similar experience/ability.


Out of Borough Leagues and Competitions:

Children are also involved in sporting opportunities that are not run in Bexley (for example the Charlton Football League in Greenwich and the South-East Region Schools Biathlon). This again increases the number of opportunities children have to represent Team Hillsgrove in a competitive environment.





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We welcome any friendly matches with local schools, so please contact us if you would like to arrange a fixture.