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As Part of Black History Month in October we invited Parents, Family and Community Members in to talk about their Cultures and Religions. We were really pleased to have a great response                                                and were visited by:


Mon 16 Oct   4L        11:00-11:30     Vanessa Baffoe                    Ghanaian Culture

                  4E        11:30-12:00    


Wed 18 Oct   5B        11:00-11:30     Santosh Kaur Vagha            Punjabi          

                   6R        11:30-12:00    


Wed 18 Oct   2CK      1:00-1:30         Genevieve Agbandje            Nigerian (Igbo) Culture

                   5H        1:30-2:00


Thur 19 Oct   ALL       PM                   Teachers (Sikh Temple)       Sikh Religion



Ayden and Myles Josiah's Aunt came in to discuss Ghanaian culture-and as you can see from the attached video is a BBC news reporter!!!

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